Thursday, April 12, 2007

Book Review: A Mighty Heart

A Mighty Heart by Mariane Pearl

This is a heart-wretching memoir. It follows Mariane Pearl before and after her husband, Wall Street Journal writer Daniel Pearl, is kidnapped and beheaded in Pakistan.

Its a page turning, frustrating tale. Frustrating because the circles and run-arounds that she gracefully puts up with.

What a strong woman. To have gone through what she did WHILE PREGNANT! And to never have complete closure would surely drive me crazy.

Read it!

Kim's Grade: A


Lindsey Lou said...

WHOA! Am I hallucinating? Someone other than me posted a blog?!

Kim said...

Not everyone has the time to read like you can. Try working 50 hour weeks, running errands, eating and catching up on things THEN finding time to read. I'm sorry but your comment was rude.

Lindsey Lou said...

Geez, I'm sorry. I wasn't being critical, just a dork.