Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More books

I read A Walk in the Woods this weekend while on a backpacking trip. Highly recommended to me by a collegue at work, it was the perfect companion around the campfire. It is the true story of a middle-aged travel writer and his out of shape alcoholic college buddy attempting to walk the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail. I caught myself laughing out load several times, and I also learned a lot about our country, it's environment and life in general. Other books by Bill Bryson that were also highly recommended include Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid & A Short History of Nearly Everything.
Shannon's Grade: A
A Rake's Vow was entertaining, but not inspiring. Vane and Patience were likable, but not exciting. Stephanie, you could do a lot better...
Shannon's Grade: C+
...and you did! A Secret Love was engrossing with strong, interesting characters and a believable mystery. Gabriel and Alathea were a great match-up (even if I could never figure out how to say her name...) Lindsey should like this book as their ages were only a year apart and Alathea was considered an almost-spinster at the age of 29.
Shannon's Grade: B+

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Elena said...

I have also read A walk in the woods and loved it. I recommended it to my book club and they denied it. However, some of my close friends took my advice and also loved it. I think one day I will go hike part of the trail...when my kids are out of the house...