Saturday, August 19, 2006

Book Review: Shades of Twilight

Dear Romance Writers:

I've noticed lately that there are a lot of romance novels out there that have one heroine character trait in common. No, it's not that they all have flaming hair, or creamy skin, or impossibly long eyelashes. But rather they all seem to be rail-thin and inexplicably, opposed to eating.

I have a button that I purchased at the NOW website that I am rather fond of. It reads: REAL WOMEN EAT FOOD. As healthy female eater, I do not enjoy reading a romance novel that features a "whip thin"/"lean"/"slender" heroine that the hero has to force to eat because she's just wasting away. One reason for that is it's unattractive to imagine a woman with bones sticking out everywhere like Nicole Ritchie or Kate Bosworth. Another is that it's beyond the scope of my imagination to believe there are people in the world so disinterested in food they don't eat or that they're too busy that they don't remember to eat or that they just don't like to eat. Food is yummy! I love turkey sandwiches! Oh, and when I'm picturing a Nicole or a Kate in my mind, the sex scenes are kind of creepy and gross because the men are doing it with a skelton.

So authors, please make your girls eat. If you want them to be slender, make them work out. Make them struggle with their weight like normal people. Because I don't believe your bullcrap about a woman who doesn't like food or doesn't like to eat. That's called anorexia, and that's a mental illness. Not cool for a heroine.

Lindsey Lou

P.S. to Linda Howard: Your heroine in this book was too skinny, and she was so dull and boring that I doubt there is a man alive that would want her.

Lindsey's Grade: C+

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