Thursday, January 04, 2007

Romance Novels Are Books, Too

I was at a little law school get-together last year when I was explaining to some fellow guests how I review books on a blog. They asked what kind of books and without hesitation I answered, "Romance novels." Another guest, who reads this blog (or at least used to) chimed in and said to me with not a little bewilderment, "Yeah, and you review them really seriously!"

As if it was an impossible, or at least unworthwhile, task.

Look, the romance novels of the world may not make anyone's list of best literature, but they're still books. Books that someone put a lot of effort into writing. Books that someone took their time to edit. Not only are they capable of thoughtful and sincere reviews, they deserve them.

Which is why I was so delighted to stumble across this website, Dear Author. The contributers provide well-thought, articulate, and intelligent reviews of romance novels. I try to do that myself here.

So there.

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