Monday, September 04, 2006


I used to love Nora Roberts so much that I would make special trips to the store to buy her latest book as soon as it came out. Those were the good ol' days when she wrote things like The Reef, Birthright, and her Chesapeake Bay trilogy (Sea Swept, Inner Harbor, and Rising Tides). But a few days ago when I saw her latest book I took a peak and walked right on by with no regrets.

This is the Barnes and Noble review of Morrigan's Cross, the first book in her latest trilogy:

"Bestselling author Nora Roberts ventures deep into the world of paranormal and fantasy with an action-packed powerhouse of a book, the first in what promises to be a terrific trilogy. The backstory is the stuff of legend: Lilith the vampire turns Cian, the brother of Hoyt (a sorcerer in 12th-century Ireland), into a bloodsucker like herself. Hoyt is charged by the goddess Morrigan to wage a battle against Lilith, using a very specific team of six -- "the witch, the warrior, the scholar, the one of many forms, and the one you've lost."

The gathering of the team is a strong story in itself, but that's just the beginning. As Hoyt puts together the team, he discovers Glenna, a modern-day witch, and their cross-centuries romance begins, thanks to the marvels of time travel. There are some wonderful moments as they fall in love, with Glenna teaching Hoyt about the role of women in the 21st century and demonstrating the use of appliances. Then there's the decision of where they should live -- and by that we mean, in which century. The evolving relationship between Hoyt and his vampire brother, who joins the team, is also moving. Book One closes with an exciting wedding/battle that sets the stage for the next books, Dance of the Gods and Valley of Silence.

As her fans already know, Nora Roberts can take any subcategory in the field and spin it to new heights. This paranormal fantasy proves the point all over again."

-Ginger Curwen

Does that not sound like the dumbest thing you've ever heard of? First of all, I hate time travel romances with a passion that will never die, and I'm not too keen on witches, either. But Nora has been into supernatural stuff lately, and frankly, I'm a little tired of it.

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