Thursday, September 14, 2006

Queen of Babble

A conversation on the book Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot.

Kim: This is the first Cabot book I've read and I think I'm hooked! She is absolutely hilarious! I am not ashamed of loving this book nor of admitting to liking her Princess Diaries. Cabot's character Lizzie was smart, confident, funny and knew what was important to her! I'm so happy you finally finished it! I told you it was a fast read! What did you think?

Lindsey: This was my first Cabot book, too, and I really liked it! A lot of times I get annoyed with characters in these kind of books, but Cabot portrayed everyone perfectly! Lizzie wasn't annoying in the least, and unlike most "Chick Lit" heroines, she was smart and quick enough to see through bull$&*%.

Kim: Yes, Lizzie was honest and realistic. I saw a lot of myself in her. I can actually picture myself ranting to some stranger on a train. What I truly appreciated about Lizzie was that after realizing Andy wasn't right for her she left immediately. She didn't put around or hope that he would change, no--she left that moment and didn't even look back! That is admirable.

Lindsey: I know! That was one of my favorite aspects of her character, too. I'm sick of reading about stupid, stupid women that I'm supposed to like just because they're the heroine of the story. Lizzie was likeable enough that it wasn't hard to understand why Luke would respond to her the way he did. Although, I still think most men would be freaked out by a crying woman on a train who starts to spill her guys. But Luke was no ordinary man...

Kim: Although this may spoil some of the story I also enjoyed how Lizzie wanted that b.j. back! I mean, we all do things that we regret or wish we hadn't done but she was serious about wanting it back! I had more respect for her because of this.

I felt sorry for her, too. That would really suck (no pun intended) to give your first b.j. to a guy that you dumped the next day. Any self-respecting woman would want it back! The way Cabot described Lizzie's thoughts and emotions on the subject was the funniest part of the book - other than the HILARIOUS snip-its from Lizzie's senior thesis on the History of Fashion.

Check out the first chapter of this book here!

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