Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Daily reading summary:

The 10 Rules of Job Hunting---article on MSN.
Descriptive Statistics
Idaho State Job listings for Boise
"Lost" recap (11pgs long!) from Television Without Pity

"Commanding Data: Will a raft of federal, state, and local requirements ever lead to a single information-security standard?" by John Edwards in CFO magazine March 06

I have read some on a "Snakes on a Plane" movie logo which I'm not quite sure about. I guess I'll have to google it!

I read about the horrific!!!!! Britney Spears sculpture!! TERRIBLE!! What has art come to?!

I read an interesting review of the documentary "The Beauty Academy of Kabul"---look it up! It looks great!!

Lastly, I read a short book review of "If You Could See Me Now" by Michael Mewshaw. Its a memoir about a baby that he and his girlfriend in 1964 put up for adoption and how three decades later a woman who may be his daughter shows up and reopens all the 1964 wounds. What sounds interesting is that the biological mother, now a prominent Republican, is less eager to visit her past but Mewshaw supposedly gives us, the reader, just enough information to figure out Nancy Drew style who this mother is! I am definitely reading it!

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