Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not My Generation! (thank God!!)

Generation S.L.U.T.: A Brutal Feel-Up Session with Today's Sex-Crazed Adolescent Populace by Marty Beckerman

Publisher Comments:

It's Friday night. Do you know where your clothes are? A mesmerizing blend of journalism and fiction that recalls the wild styles of Hunter Thompson, Bret Easton Ellis, and Douglas Copeland, Generation S.L.U.T. is a no-holds-barred look at the sexual lives of teens today — who's doing it and why. Reported from the battle zone by a nineteen-year-old who is there, living in the thick of this promiscuous world, and writing about it, experiencing it. No compromises, comparisons, or sweeping statements here, just a revelatory and brutally honest depiction of the current generation's relationship to sex.

ME: As a statistician I found his data very interesting and wondered whether it was credible. This book made me happy I don't have kids and I was surprized by his findings and the amount of casual interviews within the book. I suppose I should be overjoyed that I am not a member of Generation S.L.U.T. and that I don't carry myself in a fashion that would suggest anything near that.

Quick read, especially if you're just interested in the statistics.

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Marty said...

Hey, your post turned up on

The only statistic in the book I regret including is the one claiming that one in three women are "sexually assaulted" in America.

That actually originated with radical feminist "researchers" who interviewed street prostitutes in San Francisco and claimed they represented "women in America"!!

The "statistic" was reprinted in academic and government literature, which is where I found it, so I assumed it was credible.

I wish I'd been more skeptical on that one. Other than that, all the numbers keep showing up in study after study plus or minus 5-10 percent, so they're probably accurate.

Hope you enjoyed the book!