Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Stitch-n-Bitch Crochet?

So my boyfriend for some strange reason gets the magazine "Entertainment Weekly." Why is this strange? Well, first off let me tell you what he is currently reading: "A Very Thin Line: The Iran-Contra Affairs" by Theodore Draperzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

OH! Sorry I fell asleep just typing that! Kermit does not watch movies, or tv, and could care less about how angry Pink! is but for some reason he gets this magazine.

So I read it.

I learned a bunch of useless filler information but did come across a book called "Stitch-n-Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker" by Debbie Stoller. I do not understand the link between crocheting and hooking and perhaps I never will! So I turned to Amazon to tell me more:

"For every one knitter in the world there are three crocheters—which translates into millions of hip, crafty, 18- to 35-year-olds ready to be happy hookers with Stitch ’n Bitch attitude, sexiness, ingenuity, and cool. Then come 40 fabulous, funky projects—the kind that make Stitch ’n Bitch rule—for crocheters: Pom Pom Capelet, Retro Clutch Purse, Anarchy Irony Hat, Ms. Pac Man Change Purses, Doris Daymat, Va-Va-Va Voom Bikini, Animal I-Pod Cozies, Kid’s Sock Monkey Poncho."

I still am lost...


Anonymous said...

I happen to know Kermit and he is the coolest person alive. He would never read Entertainment Weekly. There must be some sort of mistake....perhaps it was Economics Weekly and she misread it. That's what happens when you read five books per day.

Anonymous said...

So, I was perusing you blog like you suggested, and came across this. Just thought I'd let you know, if you're still confused, that you crochet with a hook. Knit with a needle, crochet with a hook. That's the link between hookers and crocheting.