Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Daily reading summary:

First off the important news for friends that I found while reading an older copy of Entertainment Weekly that I swear Kermit subscribes to!!:

Meghan: YES YOU WERE RIGHT! That movie is called "Just One of the Guys" and stars Joyce Hyser from 1985 which for the rest of you is a movie extremely similar to Amanda Bynes' "She's the Man" that I have yet to see. Can't Hollywood think creatively anymore?

Lindsey Lou: This is for you! (it rhymed!) I read that Anne Hathaway from the "Princess Diaries" will play Jane Austen in Miramax's new film "Becoming Jane." I knew you'd like that! And I bet we won't have to see her you know whats!

Forrest!!!: Octavia Butler has a book out called "Wild Seed" The magazine summarizes it as "a pair of immortals clash in this hypnotic tale of slavery, sexism, and power. This groundbreaking 1980 novel--and genre classic-- cemented the status of a science-fiction great who sadly passed away last month." I found it interesting she was listed in Entertainment Weekly! She was a wonderful woman!! I know, I had lunch with her once!

I found some great books today but I think I will wait to post them for another day!!!

I am off to finish Quindlen, start a new book, and keep reading up on statistics!! YEAH!

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