Sunday, July 30, 2006

Book Review: For The Roses

I read For The Roses years ago, but the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie "Rose Hill" that is loosely, loosely based on the book aired this week and I decided I wanted to read it again. I have very fond memories of the book and remembered enjoying it very much.

The book takes place around 1880, but it starts twenty years earlier when four young boys living on the streets of New York band together and form a little gang of sorts. One night they find a basket in an alleyway that has a baby girl in it. The boys decided to raise the baby and move west to Montana where they form a family and take up ranching. Turns out the baby they found had been kidnapped from a wealthy British family when they were in America on business. The father never stopped looking for his daughter and an employee of his followed leads out to Montana to see if the heroine, Mary Rose, could possibly be the kidnapped baby.

It's a unique plot and a very sweet story about family, whether related by blood or not. The love story is also enjoyable because there isn't a lot of drama and theatrics that often plague romance novels and annoy the reader because the characters are so stupid and keep secrets from each other.

Julie Garwood is a wonderful historical romance novelist (and an awful comtemporary novelist) and she wrote four sequels to For The Roses, one for each of the brothers: One Pink Rose, One White Rose, One Red Rose, and Come The Spring.

Lindsey's Grade: A

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