Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Book Review: Never A Lady

The main problem I had with this book was that the author seemed to assume that everyone who would read this book must have read the prequel, "Not Quite A Gentleman." I had read it, but I didn't remember all the detail, which the author made vague references to a lot in this book.

Other than that, this book was okay. I started off pretty slow and kind of boring, and there really wasn't much of a plot to push the book along. The writing was good, though. You know, I say that a lot about romance novels, and some people might not believe me that a book can have good writing and a horrible plot, but it's true. Case in point, I just started reading Catherine Coulter's "Riptide" and I honestly can't finish it because the writing is so BAD. But I digress.

To make a long story short, the hero and heroine in this book live in Regency London. He's a viscount, she's a working class fortune teller. They are very attracted to each other. She thinks their class differences will never allow them to be together (although, this seemingly unsurmountable barrier just kinds of goes away at the end when he proposes and she accepts. Maybe she just thought she'd never get a proposal from him, I don't know). She overhears a murder plot. It possibly involves him.

It was pretty blah, however, the you-know-what scenes were pretty steamy. They weren't so bad that it was gross, and they weren't so run of the mill that you'd skip over them (which I often do). But as I've mentioned before, that's hardly enough to build a book on.

Lindsey's Grade: B-

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