Monday, April 24, 2006


These two books were actually re-reads that I did over the weekend. They are both from Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series about eight British siblings in the Regency Era, circa 1820's. I looooove the Bridgerton books. Well, most of them. I will admit that was wasn't crazy about When He Was Wicked, but it certainly wasn't because of Ms. Quinn's writing ability. She is a fantastic writer of romance because she keeps you interested almost all throughout the book (and that is no small accomplishment - I often find myself skipping boring scenes in romance novels that feature unnecessary secondary characters, certain passionate encounters, ill-plotted mysteries, etc) and she is also hilariously funny. She can really tug on your heartstrings, too. The Bridgerton's father died when the oldest child was just eighteen and the youngest hadn't been born yet, and each time she mentions it in one the books you truly feel sad.

The last installment in this series is coming out this summer and I can't wait! But at the same time it will be sad because I've been reading and awaiting Bridgerton books for four years now!

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