Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Sentence Book Reviews

I've read a lot of quick, paperback books since the last time I posted a real review. So this one is just going to serve the purpose of getting me caught up.

Prior Bad Acts - A good book with a sexy cop, but a telegraphed ending.

Merger of Fortunes - This book was as bad as the cover model's outfit.

No Safe Place - I liked the romance aspect, but could not have cared less about the mystery.

Dead Shot - It was nice to see a heroine that had some major flaws because it made her more believable, but the whole premise of the book was just too out-there.

Tongue in Chic - Well, this was not nearly as horrific as Trouble in High Heels, but still (as always with Dodd books), something just felt "off" about it.

And Then He Kissed Her - This historical romance actually lived up to the hype I had read about it.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - As usual, Kane's hero and heroine are absolute paragons in every aspect of their lives, but the romance in this book was as boring as the mystery.

How to Abduct a Highland Lord - This book was incredibly simplistic, but for some reason, I still liked it.

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