Monday, March 19, 2007

Book Rant: Paranormals

WTF is up with all the paranormals taking over the romance genre? It seems like everytime I turn around some author I read is either writing or raving about a paranormal romance. Right now all I keep hearing about is Warlord and Lover Revealed, about fantasy lands and vampires, respectfully. There is already a genre for that crap, LEAVE ROMANCE ALONE! Vampires are not sexy! Am I the only one out there who feels this way? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

It doesn't stop at vampires, either! Now Christina Dodd is writing a series about werewolves! Oh dear God, when will the madness end?!

I've never been crazy about non-realistic stuff in my romance novels. As I've often mentioned, I hate time travel with passion that will never die. Now, time travel has been around a while. I remember when I first picked up Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor, about a modern day woman who meets a hunky warrior who come from the past. I was like, "okay, I guess I can deal with this," until the characters spent lots of time together, fell in love, AND THEN SHE WENT BACK TO THE PAST AND HE DIDN'T KNOW HER! WTF?! NOT OKAY! I promptly skipped to the end at that point. Other time travel books such as Linda Howard's Son of the Morning and Diana Gabaldon's Outlander didn't tickle my fancy either.

And magic is not my cup of tea, either, which has led to an estrangement between Nora Roberts and myself, because if there's one thing that lady loves, it's magic and ghosts and shit. When was the last time she wrote a trilogy that didn't involve the supernatural? Wait, has she EVER? Her hardbacks usually stay away from that crap, except Carolina Moon and Midnight Bayou, but I didn't like either of those.

Since time travel and ghosts are too much for me, it should be no surprise that I despise vampires even more. Nothing makes me put a book down faster than reading the word "vampire" on the back. Gross! THEY DRINK BLOOD FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! THAT. IS. NOT. SEXY. But the damn books are everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

I read romance novels for fantasy, but not sci-fi fantasy! Real-life fantasy! It's hard enough to believe that men like romance heroes actually exist, and when you throw in magic and paranormal crap, it's even worse. So I wait and pray for the day when this fad runs dry, because I really, really hate it.


Jane said...

This is such a great opinion and needs to be heard more because while I love paranormals I do think we are being overrun by it.

Salieri said...

Come on, you gotta admit, that Count Von Count was one sexy fellow.