Monday, May 14, 2007

Book Review: An Invitation to Sin

I wasn't crazy about this book, either. The plot is beyond simplistic. The hero, Zachary Griffin, is the youngest son in a wealthy, powerful aristocratic family and he suffers from the cliche' of all youngest brother—what does he do with his life? He thinks he wants to join the Army, but his brother the duke disagrees and sends him to Bath with their aunt as a companion. But before they get to Bath the aunt wants to stop by and visit a friend of hers from finishing school, who just so happens to have seven unmarried daughters. And all but two of them throw themselves shamelessly at him.

The oldest daughter, however, is unconcerned with matrimony. She's an artist who's greatest dream is to be accepted into an apprenticeship. Unfortunately for her she's a female and no one wants to take on a female painter (it's the early 1800's). But one school does respond to her application. The only problem is that she must paint a portrait of an aristrocrat and get his/her seal of approval for the application process. So when Zachary comes along she thinks her prayers have been answered. And of course with all the time they spend together, romance blooms.

Or does it? I certainly didn't feel like it did. Caroline was kind of annoying and rude, in my opinion, acting like it was Zachary's duty to help her instead of something he was doing out of the goodness of his heart. But apparently they were supposed to be attracted to each other because they eventually start sleeping together, and again, nothing changes in the story. It felt like the sex scenes served no purpose and I didn't like it. Also, the majority of this book took place at Caroline's family home with her incredibly annoying sisters and mothers falling all over Zachary. It moved at a snails pace and the end didn't really make things any better. The conflict just magically went away! Lame.

Lindsey's Grade: C+

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