Monday, May 14, 2007

Book Review: Not Quite a Lady

I liked this book. I did. I liked the heroine and her internal struggles seemed totally believable and sympathetic. I also liked the hero, but I did have one problem.

He was supposed to be a complete rake, someone who woos and beds women then walks away. In fact, he doesn't even like women very much because he is a scientist who believes in reason above anything else (especially love) and women are incapable of logical thinking. But for some reason Charlotte, the heroine, completely changes his lifelong beliefs. He does a complete one-eighty. I guess I could believe all of that, but only if all the women the hero has ever encountered in his life up to that point were beyond stupid, because Charlotte was a normal woman from my point of view. Why am I surprised, though? It's not very often that a romance novel has believable conflict resolution.

Lindsey's Grade: B

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