Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sounds Familiar

Well, I FINALLY finished this book last night. It was pretty good, I have to admit. I did stay up until I reached the end. But while it was entertaining, I couldn't help but feel that I had heard this story somewhere before...

...Hmm, let's see, this book had:

- a young person whose mother sacrified herself to save her child
- a young, motherless person who is "the chosen one" and has special abilities
- a group of children at a boarding school that are experimenting with magic
- an evil bad-person who went over to the dark side of the magical world and is determined to destroy the motherless child

Where have I heard that before? Gee... Oh wait!

Now, this book still had a lot of creativity, but honestly it was lacking in originality and that kind of put me off. I know, I know, I read romance novels and I'm put off by a book that lacks originality? I admit it doesn't make much sense, but nevertheless... But it was entertaining. And I'll probably read the sequel

Oh yeah, and the big "surprise" at the end? I totally called it about half-way into the book.


Kim said...

Even though you haven't read the Potters (which I think you should!) I can understand how UNORIGINAL this book may be! Maybe we should change the blog to "Books that are UNORIGINAL"

(I still want to read this book!) Only a week and a half to go until we are reunited!!

Lindsey Lou said...

Yeah, I'm starting to think maybe I will read them so I can understand the movies better. I've read some people's opinions and it sounds like there is so much going on in those books that I won't be able to follow it!

Kim said...

You'll be able to follow them!! We can discuss them at any hour too!