Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Book Review: Boy Meets Girl

I have a slight problem. I seem to be addicted to Meg Cabot books. I can't stop buying them, and once the purchase has been made, I HAVE TO READ THE ENTIRE BOOK IN ONE SITTING! There is no medication I can take for this affliction that I know of. I fear it will soon start interfering with social and scholastic responsibilites, because the woman has a lot of books published, and I am not above moving on to The Princess Diaries.

Seriously. It's that bad.

Once again, I laughed my head off while reading one of Cabot's books. I know that I would love this woman if I were to meet her in real life. Her blog is hilarious. Her books are hilarious, and they are about normal people who talk about the same things I talk about with my friends. I mean, who wouldn't bust up laughing when a supermodel expounds upon her love of exotic cuisine, such as onion rings at TGI Fridays? I died. It might not sound that funny here, but read in context it's hilarious.

How can I be expected to want to read my Business Associations textbook when there are books by this woman out there that I have not read yet? How can this happen? I don't know. I honestly don't know.

Lindsey's Grade: A

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