Thursday, October 05, 2006

Book Review: Ladies Man

I'm just going to say one thing about this book. I don't like romance novels with older women and younger men, at least not with a ten year age difference. And really, it's not completely sexist because I don't like it when the men in books are that much older than the women, either. Although I do get decidedly more uncomfortable when the woman is older. I'm a bad feminist, I guess.

I've got to disagree with Aaliyah. Age is more than just a number, it's a level of maturity (usually). And this is going to sound really bad, but old men can be really sexy, and I just don't think it's as easy for old women to be sexy. So who'd want to hook up with someone who's looks are going to outlast yours by like thirty years? Not me!

Maybe it's because I'm young enough that for me idea of a younger man brings to mind hopelessly immature fratboys. But I also have a hard time believing that a man who never dated anyone longer than two months is mature enough to suddenly become a step-father to a fifteen and thirteen year-old.

Then again, we've got Demi and Ashton, so maybe I'm wrong.

Lindsey's Grade: C-

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Kim said...

I don't think disagreeing with the age bit makes you a bad feminist. In fact, an age difference between two partners doesn't have a lot to do with feminism...more so the idea of whether two people have much in common.