Thursday, October 19, 2006

Book Review: The Evil B.B. Chow

The Evil B.B. Chow by Steve Almond

I've been busy lately and have not had much time to read, even short stories for that matter! I enjoyed this collection in a somewhat sick way considering they were not happy stories at times. Some were funny, some were just strange, but as I frequently remember writer Alex Kuo stating "If its fiction, you better believe it." Fiction, even strange haunting themes are inspired from some place and it may just be based on actual stories.

"Once again he has produced a funny, bracing, sometimes shocking, always imaginative collection of stories and characters: a young magazine editor enduring a bizarre blind date; a couple who are sure that they have been given implants by space aliens; a young boy desperate to please his father with his baseball prowess, who ends up fatally wounding another boy during a game; a creative-writing teacher struggling to resist his seductive student." (Publisher Comments)

Kim's Grade: B+

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