Thursday, June 15, 2006

Book Review: The Bushes

The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty by Peter Schwetzer and Rochelle Schwetzer

We listened to this book a while back on our way to Jackpot and I would not recommend it. I like to rent audiobooks from Hastings but they really need to beef up on their nonfiction audiobooks. This book is entirely pro-Bush and glosses over many events I would think pertinent to understanding any "dynasty."

I did however learn some interesting stories about how George Jr. received his Skull and Bones' name "Temporary" and that Reagan and Bush Sr. did not get along to the point that the Bushes had not seen the residential section of the White House until Bush Sr. was elected. Think about that! For eight years they were not invited over for cookies and milk! It doesn't sound right.

If you like the Bush family then this is a happy little book. If you want to read something more critical or in depth then stay away!!

Kim's Grade: C+ (I did learn some things and at least it wasn't too long!)

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