Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kim's New Books

Yes, I've been behind on my reading, well reading for pleasure at least. I could start reviewing technical books on GIS and statistics but I am not that nerdy yet. Instead I thought I would tell you about the books that have come in the mail recently.

Iran Awakening: A Memoir of Revolution and Hope by Shirin Ebadi
Iran is a country I wish I knew more about, along with Ebadi's work. I also love memoirs and this looks extremely promising.

Rogue State 3rd edition: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower by William Blum
Delia recommended this to me and I read an interesting interview with him not so long ago from Democracy Now!, I think. I started reading it in the car last night and IT LOOKS GREAT!!

Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq by Riverbend
Delia also recommended this one to me. Its next on my reading list. The title should be self-explanatory. "Riverbend is the pseudonym of a young Iraqi blogger; this book archives the first year of her blog, Baghdad Burning. Once a computer programmer who enjoyed considerable personal freedom, after Baghdad's fall, Riverbend finds herself unemployed and largely restricted to the safety of her family's home. In English that would put many Americans to shame, she chronicles daily life under the occupation, writing about water and electricity shortages with humor and exasperation, writing about violence with deep feeling." Keir Graff American Library Association.

Kabul in Winter: Life without Peace in Afghanistan by Ann Jones
I've been waiting for the library to get a copy of this but it doesn't look like it will arrive. Jones recounts her experiences as an aid worker in prisons and schools in post-Taliban Afghanistan and discusses Afghani culture.

As you can see I'm in a Middle East mood! Whats your reading mood?

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LondonCaspian said...

Interesting blog! Iran Awakening is a good book, I hope you get a chance to read it.