Friday, June 09, 2006

Book Review: The Dogs Who Found Me

The Dogs Who Found Me by Ken Foster

I read this book in three hours that is how much I loved it! Its not exactly a happy book since Foster discusses how stray dogs have found him all his life. Eventhough you're sad, you can't help but have a smile on your face while reading this. He has what seems to be, a preference for pit bulls since they are too often misunderstood as a breed. He talks about rescuing dogs from abusive homes, random acts of kindness from those wealthy enough to pay for high vet bills and dog food, and his own evacuation, with his three dogs, from New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit.

The chapters are short with each consisting of a dog that has crossed his path. There are also tips on how to approach stray dogs and find housing for them if you can't keep them. For more information on this book or Foster’s dogs you can visit his blog at and see photos of the dogs that have entered and exited his life.

Kim’s Grade: A

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