Monday, June 26, 2006

Thrift Store Finds

I don't like to buy books brand spankin' new so on weekends I frequent the many thrift stores in Boise. I've been very lucky on some occasions, finding some fairly recent books like David McCullough's 1776. This weekend I found a first edition copy of Jostein Gaarder's book Sophie's World. The book is a history of philosophy as seen and understood from the perspective of a little girl. It is extremely creative! I have read it twice and believe Forrest still has my copy somewhere which is why I picked up another.

The other book I was happy to find is Marian Keyes' chick lit novel Sushi for Beginners. No, it has nothing to do with sushi, a food I am in love with, but looked like an interesting afternoon read. For a buck fifty I am sure I will be entertained!

What thrift store reads have you found lately?


Shannon & Aaron said...

I like the bookstore downtown (10th st?) even though they don't have a romance section. Found "Light on Snow" by Anita Shrieve, "Lucky" by Alice Sebold, and "The Third Chimpanzee" by Jared Diamond". All pretty good reads for a reasonable price.

Kim said...

I think that is the only used book store I haven't been to in Boise yet so I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Lindsey Lou said...

Hastings! They put their used books right on the shelf next to their new books so they're easy to find and are well organized! I bought two hardback books there, both fairly recent, well-known authors for $2.50 a piece!