Monday, June 05, 2006

The Real X-Men

I picked this book up at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago. I thought it looked pretty interesting, and it was. It was kind of a refresher course of the Developmental Biology class I took in undergrad as the author talked about all sorts of things I remember: beta-catenin, insulin-like growth factor, noggin, sonic hedgehog... all that good stuff.

Basically the book talked about how mutations can lead to discoveries about genes and development. In a way it was pretty sad, though, because after reading a few chapters I decided that I'm going to think long and hard before I have children because SO MANY THINGS CAN GO WRONG IT'S SCARY!!!

I think people who don't know much about science would find this interesting, but it's hard to tell since I was familiar with all the jargon.

Lindsey's Grade: B


Kim said...

What is it with you and reading all these science books?

Shannon & Aaron said...

Since when are you thinking about having children. You kinda need a man first...